We have taken the traditional TwinTube design and blended it with our industry leading technology, performance and consistency.  The FK Big Body TwinTube is available in 6,7,8,9” lengths, rebound, compression adjustable or non adjustable. You can order online or contact a dealer to select from over 100 valving options.

Non Adjustable $250

Adjustable $425


The FK Gas shock is a proven product that has been #FKWinning for nearly a decade.  The FK Gas Shock offers unmatched performance and tunability.  FK Gas Shocks offer the widest range of valving on the market.  Each gas shock is tuned to our customers specific needs and available in 5, 6, 7, and 8″ lengths.  Contact a FK rep to get started on your own personal shock package.

Non Adjustable $375

Adjustable $575


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