EVO Gas Shock

The EVO gas shock is the perfect balance of traction and stability with unmatched tunability! We have developed piston and valving combinations for each class specifically, taking open wheel shock performance to another level of customization. You can order online or contact a certified service center for the latest valvings available. All shocks are made to order so expect 5-7 business days for orders to be processed.  When selecting your valvings its important to note that all selected adjustable valvings will be set in the middle of the adjustment range, so the valving will be able to increase low speed dampening and decrease low speed dampening from what's selected. 



 Our passion is grass roots racing and our mission is to provide the best shock absorbers period.  All FK products are designed, engineered, assembled and tested in house so we can move at a fast pace allowing us to get ahead of the competition and stay there! We are driven and committed to creating the best products available!

Commitment to customers

A large part of our success is directly related to the relationship we have with our customers. With years of racing experience we look forward to being a part or your race team and developing a shock program that suits your specific needs.